Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: Evelope from Eigeltingen

In the beginning of June of 2003, I received an envelope from Eigeltingen, from the Standesamt Eigeltingen, which translated into English means Register or Registration Office. Among the contents of the envelope was this photocopy of a birth record for my great grandfather, Andrew Yeager.

While I cannot decipher all the words on the document,the main facts recorded on the document are:

A child was born to Lorenz Jäger and Mary Jäger, whose maiden name was Schweikart, on November 13, 1874. The baby's name was Andreas Jäger, and he was born in Münchhof.
In an earlier blog post we read that Andreas/Andre Jäger emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1881. By the time that the Jäger family settled in Ohio, the name Andreas Jäger was Americanized to Andrew Yeager. Andrew, who went by the name "Andy," married Lena/Helena Piehl in 1903. They had a large family, and lived most of their lives in Huron Township, Ohio.

Andrew Yeager died in 1958, and Lena Piehl Yeager died in 1978. They are buried in the Union Corners Cemetery just off Route 250 between Sandusky and Milan, Ohio. Though the tombstone states that Andy was born in 1876, his birth record from Germany recorded the years as 1874. Variations in dates are not uncommon in genealogical research. The best advice I was given is to record all dates that you find, and cite your sources. (Not that I always follow my own advice!)


halloween2brenda said...

i have been looking for this cemetery could you give details of where it is?

Dorene from Ohio said...

Union Corner's Cemetery, also called St. John's, is located south of the intersection of Scheid Road and Route 250, between
Sandusky and Milan. It is down a small lane, on the east side of Route 250.

Dorene from Ohio said...

This site shows a map:

halloween2brenda said...

oh that why i couldnt find it ...thanks