Friday, February 26, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy: Week 9

A prompt from We Tree, "52 Weeks to Better Genealogy," hosted by Geneabloggers, has challenged bloggers to pick five genealogy blogs and read them every day. The blogs I have chosen to follow have to do more with local history than genealogy.

Since the people in our past are so closely connected with the towns they have lived in, I find local history blogs go hand-in-hand with genealogical blogs.

The blogs I have chosen to follow are:

1. Restaurant-ing Through History

Jan, who is also an author, looks at restaurants throughout years past. The post Taster of a Decade: Restaurants 1900-1910 covers lunch rooms, cafeterias, tea rooms, and a strike by cooks and waiters in Denver in 1903.

2. Ohio's Yesterdays features features items from the collections of the R.B. Hayes Presidential Center. This post discusses a memoir of Johann Gephart Sneider, who came to Ohio from Austria. Other entries have included interesting people, places, and businesses of the Northwestern Ohio area.

3. Tom Glover’s Hamilton Library Scrapbook is a blog about "local history with a personal touch." You will enjoy viewing historical photographs and articles about former residents of Hamilton Township of Mercer County, New Jersey at this website.

4. The Bowery Boys New York City History is a delight! Photographs, historical news articles, as well as podcasts and video links bring the Big Apple to life.

5. The Library History Buff Blog features posts about libraries, illustrated with vintage photographs and images that will help you appreciate the rich heritage of American libraries.

While these particular sites are not strictly genealogical, you will find interesting historical posts at these blogs. Check them out! You will learn a lot about about particular places and people and their past.

Note: While the image of the Sandusky Library above does not pertain to any of the blogs I mentioned, it represents a significant repository for books, articles, obituaries and much more information related to the past residents,businesses and landmarks of Sandusky and Erie County.


ephemeralist said...

Hi Dorene, Thanks for adding my blog post to your list! I totally agree with you that getting a good historical context is so helpful in understanding family history. -- Jan

Dorene from Ohio said...

Jan - I really enjoy your blog! The vintage images are terrific and the text is so informative!

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Thanks for sharing your blogs. There are no real categories for blogs, if they're interesting, they count for the challenge. I think I'll add these to my own Google Reader. Thanks!

Dorene from Ohio said...

That's terrific!

I like reading about people and places from all over!