Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sentimental Sunday: Sandusky Library 1901 Glass Floor Commemorative Paperweight

When the Sandusky Library opened to the public in 1901, one of the special features of the new library was the glass floor in the library stacks. Since the building was built before electricity was in use, the glass floor allowed light from the gas lamps to extend to the lowest level of the library building. During the Sandusky Library's major renovation and addition project, from 2001 to 2003, several sections of the original glass floor were cut, polished, and engraved, and sold at the Library's Gift Shop (no longer in operation.)

Recently, at a celebration of one of those special "decade" birthdays, my co-workers gave me a gift of a Sandusky Library 1901 Glass Floor Commemorative Paperweight. It was paperweight number 69, to remember the first year I began working at the Sandusky Library, in 1969. I can still recall so vividly recall the excellent mentoring I received from Miss McCann, Miss Fievet, Mrs. Boylan, Mrs. Doyle, Miss Miller, Mrs. Gosser, Mrs. Kuemmel, Mrs. Schropp, Mrs. Smith, and so many other library staff members in those early days. Even now, I am still continuing to learn, under the leadership of several outstanding librarians. This is a gift I will treasure always! Thanks, my library family!

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