Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Joseph and Sarah Flood

According to the 1850 U.S. Census for Erie County, Joseph Flood was born in 1809 or 1810 in Pennsylvania. In 1850, he and his wife were residing in Portland Township (now known as Sandusky), where Joseph was employed as a tinner. Records at FamilySearch indicate that on April 22, 1849, Joseph Flood married Sarah Crippen. The 1860 Census shows these children in the Flood household:

Mary Flood, age 12
Agnes Flood, age 10
Joseph Flood, age one month

Joseph Flood, the father.  passed away on June 28, 1886. A brief obituary for Mr. Flood, from the June 29, 1886 issue of the Sandusky Register, stated that his funeral was held at the family home at 214 Huron Avenue in Sandusky. Joseph Flood was buried at Oakland Cemetery. An inscription on his tombstone reads:

At Rest

Mrs. Sarah Flood died in 1888. An inscription on Sarah's tombstone reads:

Asleep in Jesus

Rest in peace, Joseph and Sarah Flood.

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