Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Noah's Ark on the Sanborn Map at Cedar Point

Above is a portion of page 66 from the 1905 Sanborn Map for Sandusky, Ohio. Actually this set of maps was originally created in 1905, and then updates were made to it through 1950. Pictured is the Noah's Ark attraction at Cedar Point. This was a walk-through attraction that featured Noah fishing off the boat. Inside the boat were several animals, whose tails moved. My great grandparents, Roy and Ada Parker worked as concessionaires at Cedar Point, for the Concourse Amusement Company. This was one of the several attractions that they ran, with two other individuals from 1924 to the early 1950s.

The Sanborn Map shows that Noah's Ark was burlap covered. It had two electric motors and an air compressor, and there was a generator that ran the power. Adjacent to Noah's Ark was Hilarity Hall, and there was a concession stand very close to Noah's Ark. Here is a picture of my mom and aunt in front of Noah's Ark in the 1940s.

Below is a larger view of a portion of page 66 from the Sanborn Map.

You can learn a lot about the past structures in a given city by looking at old Sanborn Maps. To access them online, go to the Ohio Web Library. Select Genealogy, and then choose Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. Enter the city's name in the search box, and explore these interesting historical maps! (*Note: in the process, you may be required to enter your library card number to access this resource.) To learn more about Sanborn Maps, see this page at the website of the Library of Congress.

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