Friday, April 28, 2017

Linker Monument at St. Joseph Cemetery

This stone at the St. Joseph Cemetery, adorned with a cross,  honors of the memory of several members of the Linker family. The surname Linker is inscribed along the top of the stone.

The first line on the tombstone reads: Mother. George, James, and Andrew were all sons of John C. and Margaret Linker. According to records from St. Joseph Cemetery, George Linker died July 4, 1883. James Linker died January 2, 1883, and Andrew Linker died at the age of 4, in 1868. (Census records indicate that Mr. and Mrs. Linker had another son named Andrew Linker, born about 1870.) Sadly, the father of these three young men, John C. Linker, died in April of 1888 after being injured in a train accident. He was buried at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. John C. Linker's first wife was Mary. She died in 1854, and she was buried at Oakland Cemetery, though her first name also appears on the Linker family monument at St. Joseph Cemetery. Maggie most likely refers to the second wife of John C. Linker, whose name was Margaret, but sometimes she went by "Maggie." Margaret was listed on the U.S. Census record for the J. C. Linker family in 1870, but she died prior to 1888. Rest in peace, Linker family!

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