Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rest Gently, Maria Theresia Grathwol

According to her baptism record, Maria Theresia Grathwol was born in Bremgarten, Freiburg, Baden on May 14, 1871 to Ulrich Grathwol and Gertrud Schaeuble. (Her tombstone birth year reads 1877.) She was of the Catholic faith. By 1898, the Grathwol family had emigrated to the U.S., and were residing in Sandusky, Ohio. Sadly, Maria Theresia Grathwol died from peritonitis on November 2, 1898. She was buried in the family lot at the St. Mary's Cemetery. Maria's death record was recorded in the St. Mary's Catholic Church Records, available at the Toledo Diocese collection of records at

An inscription at the base of Maria's tombstone reads Ruhe sanft, which translates from the German language to the English language as "Rest gently."

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