Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sentimental Sunday: Old Pictures from Steve's Tavern on the Wall at Rayz on the Bay

At a recent family get-together, held at Rayz on the Bay on the waterfront in Bay View, my sister R.Christmas took some digital pictures of some old pictures on the wall. They were from the days when the tavern in Bay View was known as Steve's Tavern. In the 1950s and 1960s, Steve and Mary Glaros used to own the tavern, along with several cottages that were for rent for vacationers and fishermen.

I used to babysit for some of the grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Glaros, and more than once, we were treated to delicious cheeseburgers from Steve's Tavern at suppertime!

On an occasional Friday night, my dad would stop in at Steve's. Once in awhile my mom would make me go to Steve's, and tell my dad he better be getting on home! How I hated that task! Dad would always just laugh, but his buddies would taunt him that his wife had sent a message to him to get home! We all really enjoyed seeing these old pictures, and it took us back to our childhood in Bay View.

Note: Photo credit, R. Christman

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