Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Andres

Charles J. Andres, a Sandusky funeral director and furniture maker, died on March 3, 1902. On the day of his death, Charles J. Andres was busy at the funeral of Louis Kanzler. Mr. Andres became sick at St. Mary's Church, and he was taken by carriage to his home. Dr. Gillard attended the bedside of Mr. Andres, and later called in Dr. F. F. Lehman and Dr. George W. Crile of Cleveland. In spite of the doctors' best efforts, Charles J. Andres did not recover, and he passed away in the early morning hours. Funeral services for Mr. Andres were held at the family residence at 423 Jackson Street. Burial was at St. Mary's Cemetery.

After her husband's death, Mrs. Josephine Andres carried on the funeral and furniture business with Fred Frey, Sr. For several years, the business was known as Andres and Frey. After the death of Mrs. Andres in 1921 , the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Andres continued as the C.J. Andres' Sons Funeral Home until 1971.

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