Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Plat Map of Perkins Township, Erie County,Ohio from the 1920s

A wide variety of historical maps is found at the website of the Erie County Auditor. Above is a portion of a 1920s era map of Perkins Township. My great grandfather Leroy J. Parker's name is listed at the corner of Taylor Road and Columbus Avenue, above the words "Acre 8." The name of my  great great grandfather, Charles Steen, can be seen at the top of this map, opposite his father-in-law's name, Henry Milner (number 16.) The full map can be seen at this link. When you look at the full map, you can see Oakland Cemetery, the Erie County Infirmary, and dozens of land owners who lived in Perkins Township in the 1920s. When you see the listing below, each link takes you to another menu of more maps. Take some time to investigate this interesting collections of historical maps! It helps you learn more about where your ancestors may have lived, and who their neighbors were. My mother told me time and again, that in the 1940s, in Perkins Township, neighbors were almost like family, as the farmers shared equipment, went to church and Grange together, and shared deeply in the joys and sorrows of everyday life in a rural setting.

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