Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When the Orshoski Children Were in the Church Play at Trinity Lutheran Church

In an article which appeared in the December 22, 1939 issue of the Sandusky Register, I learned that on Christmas Eve in December of 1939, my dad, Paul Orshoski, and his siblings and cousins were all participants in the Trinity Lutheran Church’s Children’s Christmas Service. In the pageant “On to Bethlehem,” Paul Orshoski, his brother Wayne Orshoski,  his sister Alberta Orshoski and his cousin Frank Orshoski were all characters in the pageant.

Dad’s brother Don Orshoski and cousin Rolland Orshoski were part of the group of angelic hosts who gave a recitation.

It is hard for me to imagine any child from the Orshoski family portraying an angel in the church pageant! In the family stories I have heard, they were all quite mischievous! The Trinity Lutheran Church, on Bardshar Road is located on Sandusky’s west side, in a region that was once known as Venice, Ohio. Trinity Lutheran Church  was an outgrowth of the Zion Lutheran Church in Sandusky.A few years before this 1939 Christmas pageant, this picture of my dad and his siblings was taken at their home in Bay Bridge.

In the 1940s, several of the youngsters who had been  in the Christmas  pageant at Trinity were confirmed.

Pictured above is the confirmation class of Trinity Lutheran Church from Spring of 1944, in Venice, Ohio. Seated in front: Elmer Wahl, Wayne Orshoski, Joyce Galloway, Betty Martin, Rev. John Braun, Joyce Gardner, Nancy Klafter, Donald Orshoski, and Rolland Orshoski. In the back row: Norm Oeder, Richard Quinn, Marilyn Martin, Albert Oeder, Paul R. Orshoski, Stan Perry and Curtis Miller


Nancy said...

What a beautiful church, Dorene. And don't you love finding newspaper articles about family members? It sure adds a different dimension to the individuals we know (either personally or from research).

Perhaps the leaders of those children hoped to "tame" the mischievous Orshoski children. I remember hearing a leader tell of his Sunday school teacher coming to him to ask for help with the rowdy boys in the class. He said after he started to help there were no more problems with rowdiness: he'd been the rowdy one.

I hope you've had a Merry Christmas.

Nancy (ndmessier @ aol.com)

Dorene from Ohio said...

Nancy - Now I am dealing with my grandsons, the rowdy descendants of one
of these Orshoski kids! :)

Happy New Year to you!