Thursday, January 1, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: Treasure Maps in the Library of Congress

Above is the title page to a resource entitled: TREASURE MAPS IN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS: AN ANNOTATED LIST. One of the individuals who compiled this list was my second cousin twice removed, J. Douglas Hill. This item is available full-text online at the Haiti Trust. James Douglas Hill was the son of Dr. Lyle Steen Hill and his wife, the former Helen Wilson. The treasure maps listed include a variety of sunken vessels, many which were thought to contain treasures.

How I wish I could have gotten to know J. Douglas Hill! I have worked in libraries for over thirty years, and I would love to have asked him questions about his experiences as a long time employee of the Library of Congress! 

According to his death certificate, James Douglas Hill was born on May 31, 1915, and he died in Reston, Virginia on November 15, 1993. His occupation was listed as retired map processor for the Library of Congress. James Douglas Hill was buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Court 3, Section HH, Column 13, and Niche 4. His burial record at Arlington National Cemetery indicates that he served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. Thanks my distant cousin for your contributions to the annotated list of Treasure Maps in the Library of Congress!

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