Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dr. F.M. Houghtaling, 1871-1940

Though his tombstone lists his birth year as 1871, the death certificate of Dr. Frederick Morrel Houghtaling states that he was born on July 3, 1869. His birthplace was Somerset, New York, and his parents were Irvin and Harriet (Dates) Houghtaling.  Dr. Houghtaling was a graduate of the University of Maryland and the Johns Hopkins Medial School. During World War One, Dr. F.M. Houghtaling was a First Lieutenant in the Medical Corps. After the war, Dr. Houghtaling had a medical practice in Huron, Ohio. In 1922, Dr. F.M. Houghtaling was appointed Health Commissioner for the city of Sandusky. In 1926, Dr. Houghtaling became  Health Commissioner of the combined city and county health departments.  Dr. Houghtaling was considered a specialist in public health, and he was very well respected in the community. He was a member of the state and national medical associations, as well as the Erie County Medical Society. After a lengthy illness, Dr. F. M. Houghtaling died at the U.S. Marine Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio on April 17, 1940. He was survived by his wife Mina, and his daughter, Mrs. Richard Feick. An obituary for Dr. Houghtaling appeared in the April 18, 1940 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal. Mrs. Mina (Armstrong) Houghtaling passed away on June 21, 1953. Dr. and Mrs. Houghtaling are buried in Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. A medical staff is inscribed on the Houghtaling tombstone, paying tribute Dr. Houghtaling's many years of service in the medical field.

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