Monday, February 17, 2014

Second Great Genealogy `Just Make Up Some Genealogy Lyrics' Challenge!

At the West in New England blog, we have been given a challenge to set the names of our ancestors to the music of any song. The song that came to my mind was Frere Jacques, and the lyrics I came up with are quite light hearted. While my ancestors had many aspects to their personality, I focused on one just one of their many traits. Here are the lyrics I wrote about just a few of many ancestors.


Grandma Em, Grandma Em,
We miss you, we miss you,
You could cook so well,
All the kids do tell,
Yes we do, yes we do.

Dear Aunt Betty, Dear Aunt Betty,
You were so fun, you were so fun,
Whenever you spoke,
You seemed to make a joke,
Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha.

Uncle Wayne, Uncle Wayne,
You were a gem, you were a gem,
When you told us stories,
They were never boring.
Loved your tales, loved your tales.

Grandma Yeager, Grandma Yeager,
You were a dear, you were a dear,
So very, very wise,
We miss your lovely eyes,
You loved us so, we all did know.


The ancestors in this light hearted creation all revolve around my dad's brother Wayne Orshoski. His wife was my Aunt Betty; his mother was my  maternal grandmother  Emma Yeager Orshoski , and his grandmother was my great grandmother Lena Piehl Yeager. The quality of the pictures seems to have gotten lost in the enlarging process, but each of these individuals are pictured in the college below, made at PicMonkey.


Nancy said...

How fun, Dorene! I forgot about this challenge. Maybe I'll have to participate this year.

Dorene from Ohio said...


I hope you do participate! I like the light hearted approach to genealogy!

Bill West said...

Dorene,this made me smile. THanks for taking part in the Challenge!

Dorene from Ohio said...

Bill, I appreciate your hosting this challenge!