Friday, July 5, 2013

Azenia Nickle, Civil War Soldier

Azenia A. Nickle/Nickles served in Company C of the Ohio 55th Infantry during the Civil War. According to the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System database, sponsored by the National Parks System, Azenia Nickles entered service as a Private, and later was promoted to Sergeant.

According to the 1880 U.S. Census, in 1880 Azenia and his wife Sarah lived in York Township of Sandusky County, Ohio, with their two children, Sarah and George, and a nephew James Cowles. Mrs. Sarah Nickle passed away in 1892. By 1917, Azenia Nickle was living with his son George in Sandusky, Ohio. Azenia A. Nickle died at the home of his son George on September 10, 1917. He was buried in Oakland Cemetery. Sadly, in February of 1917, a grandson of Azenia died as well. Emerson Azenia Nickles was named after his grandfather Azenia.

Browsing through census records and obituary indices online, the surname Nickle is also spelled: Nickel, Nickles, and Nichols. Keep in mind that you may find a variety of spellings for your ancestors when you are searching through genealogical databases, books, and government records.

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