Sunday, November 4, 2012

John T. and Mary Garland, Natives of England

John T. Garland was born in England in 1825, and his wife, the former Mary Quick, was born in England in 1843. The couple resided in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio, in 1880, with their children, also named Mary and John Garland. By 1892, John T. and Mary Garland had moved to Detroit, Michigan. Mr. John T. Garland died in Detroit on November 4, 1892. The following obituary appeared in the Sandusky Register on November 7, 1892:

Obsequies of John T. Garland

The funeral of the late John T. Garland, of Detroit, a former resident of this city, was largely attended yesterday at the residence of Mr. E.S. Cooper, 125 Monroe Street, a fitting token of respect in which he was held in this community as well as by the Congregational church, of which he had been a consistent member for many years. The services at the home and at the cemetery were conducted by his pastor, Rev. R.R. Davies, who in a short and fitting manner told the story of the pure and Godly life just ended. The floral offerings were tokens of love from friends and relatives. The pall bearers were representatives of the church, the Y.M.C.A. and the Sandusky Tool Company, of which he had been a faithful employee. They were F.E. Davis and J.M. Farrar from the church, President C.A. Judson and Secretary C.T. Otdroyd of the Y.M.C.A. and George A. Church and H.H. West of the tool company. The selections from gospel songs were among those he loved and many voices joined in singing the. Mr. Chas. J. Krupp had the funeral under his direction.

Burial was at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. Mrs. Mary Garland passed away at the residence of her daughter in Detroit on October 29, 1903. Mrs. Garland was buried beside her husband at Oakland Cemetery.

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