Sunday, August 12, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy: Ancestor Legend

The prompt for Week 33 of 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy, from Amy Coffin at We Tree, and hosted by Geneabloggers, is: Ancestor Legend

What is your favorite ancestral legend or family lore? Who originally told the story and what was the claim? Have you been able to prove the story true or false? What steps did you take to do so?

When I was old enough to understand what a family tree was, my mother told me that my great grandmother, Irene Larkins Risko, always said that Daniel Boone was in our family tree. I have doing family history research since the early 1990s, and so far I find no evidence of this connection!

The only family in my several ancestral lines that I think would likely be connected to the family of  Daniel Boone, would be that of my fourth grandfather Charles Cross. Charles Cross was married to Patience Manning, who was born in Kentucky. I have checked Boone family history books, Heritage Quest, Rootsweb, Ancestry Library Edition, and general online searches, and so far I cannot verify the parents of Patience Manning. She was born before 1820, and so far I just have not found any record of her birth or her parents. If anyone knows about a Patience Manning being in the family tree of Daniel Boone, or any of his ancestors, please let me know! Gram Irene heard this from someone along the way, but of course no one told me the source.

While I was trying to learn more about the family of Daniel Boone, I ran into these excellent online resources about Daniel Boone, the well known American frontiersman.

Note: Image of Daniel Boone from WikiPedia


PalmsRV said...

A Boone would be a boon to your genealogical quest! It does make one curious about how a family legend came to be.

Dorene from Ohio said...

It would be so wonderful to find out...I don't know who told Great Grandma Irene about Daniel Boone supposedly being in our family tree!