Thursday, June 21, 2012

Northwest Boundary Marker of the Connecticut Western Reserve

This marker, on the grounds of the Catawba Island State Park in Ottawa County, Ohio, marks the northwest boundary of the Connecticut Western Reserve. The marker is one of four markers erected by the Early Settlers Association of the Western Reserve. During the 1960s the Early Settlers Association placed a stone marker with a plaque in the four corners of the Connecticut Western Reserve. To learn more about the history of the Western Reserve, see these websites:

My great grandfather's ancestors, Julius House and Percy (Taylor) House settled in the Firelands area of the Connecticut Western Reserve in 1815. Many of the town squares and churches in the Firelands area look very similar to town squares and churches found in Connecticut. The Firelands Pioneer is a periodical found in most larger libraries in northern Ohio. It features obituaries, biographies, and historical articles about the early residents of the Firelands, the most western portion of the Western Reserve.

Map of Western Reserve courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

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Kevin Hammer said...

I've driven by the southwest corner marker many times; it's on US 224 west of Willard.
Interesting how New England influenced the planning and architecture.