Monday, November 30, 2009

William Fink, Proprietor of Farmer's Hotel

While the name Wilhelm Finck is on the tombstone, the name for the same person in the 1870 U.S. Census for Erie County reads William Fink. it is very common for persons of German heritage to have variations in the spelling of their names as it appears on various documents. The Oakland Cemetery interment card for William Fink states that he died of typhoid fever, and is buried in Block 72, Range E. He was buried on December 4, 1871.

The 1870 Census lists the occupation of William Fink as: keeps boarders. The other persons listed in the family are:

Elizabeth age 42
Lizzie age 22
John age 19
William age 14
Rosa age 11
illegible age 3
Anna age 1

Birthplaces were indicated as Germany for William; France for Elizabeth; and Ohio for all the children. The 1870 Sandusky City Directory gives the name of the head of household as William Finke, who was the proprietor of the Farmer's Hotel, located on the south side of Water Street between Jackson and Decatur Streets.

Following the death of her husband, Elizabeth Fink married Samuel Wood. She continued in the hotel business for many years. Elizabeth Fink Wood passed away on 25, 1906.

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