Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sand Hill Cemetery

Sand Hill Cemetery
is located in Margaretta Township of Erie County. The cemetery is found at the intersection of Skadden and Mason Roads, west of Route 4.

Donald M. Love, who was secretary of Oberlin College from 1938 through 1962, is buried at Sand Hill Cemetery.

Frank J. Prout, who was the president of Bowling Green State University from 1939 to 1951, is buried here with his first wife, Alice Flegal Prout. Prout's Station was named for ancestors of Dr. Prout.

Leon Dewitt Liles, who was Chief Aerographer for the United States Navy, lost his life was in service aboard the U.S.S. Akron, on April 4, 1933. The inscription on his tombstone reads: "In Memory of My Husband" Olive M. Liles.

Over one hundred listings from Sand Hill Cemetery appear on the FindaGrave website.

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