Friday, July 10, 2009

Deyo Cemetery

Deyo Cemetery is located in Groton Township, in the southern portion of Erie County, on Portland Road, between State Route 269 and Southwest Road. The soil at Deyo Cemetery is very sandy, and many of the tombstones are quite old. A shady woods borders the northern edge of Deyo Cemetery.

Several tombstone inscriptions for Deyo Cemetery are found at the website FindaGrave.

The book COMMEMORATIVE BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF THE COUNTIES OF SANDUSKY AND OTTAWA, OHIO, available on the database Heritage Quest, contains a biographical sketch of Hiram Deyo. Hiram's parents were Dr. John Palmer Deyo and Sarah Foster Deyo, whose tombstone is pictured to the right. Dr. John Palmer Deyo was born in Ulster County, New York in 1804. In 1833, he came to Ohio on horseback. Dr. Deyo settled four and one-half miles north of Bellevue, and he was a pioneer physician in that region. After his father's death, Dr. Deyo gave up medicine, and took over his father's farm. John Palmer Deyo married Sarah Foster in 1836. Dr. Palmer died in 1898, and his wife Sarah died in 1887.

Young Joshua was the son of J. Steward. He died on January 12, 1854, at the age of three years and twelve days. While some of the older tombstones at Deyo Cemetery have inscriptions that are illegible, Joshua Steward's inscription is easily read.A star adorns the top of Joshua's tombstone.



My husband and I have ridden by this cemetery many times, and I often wondered about its history. Thanks for "scratching my itch!" I enjoyed reading about the Deyo family. (I can't wait to surprise my husband with this new found knowledge the next time we are out that way. We always comment about the unusual name.)

Terry S.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Terry - If you get a chance to walk around this cemetery, it is like going back in time! Many of the stones are illegible, the ground is very uneven and sandy, and the woods appear dark and mysterious....a very unique experience!

Jeffrey Smith said...

That's siltstone. Holds an inscription better than anything, but sometimes it cleaves and the whole front will practically disintegrate.
You've had pictures from St. Joseph's Cemetery, in Sandusky, before. Ever notice a stone for Fr. John Quin? He died in the 1880's.

Dorene from Ohio said...


I am so glad to learn about siltstone! I am very much still in learning mode regarding tombstones...
but I love finding the stories about the persons buried in area cemeteries.

Ryan said...

I'm forwarding a note from a friend who isn't able to comment since he's not on gmail:

Hey Dorene,

I have some family members buried in Deyo Cemetery. I'd like to get some more information about the cemetery. Please contact me at

Thank you,
Jay Campbell

Mrsvides said...

Pleas read! This message is for ANY ONE WHO MAY KNOW, OR WHERE THE DEYO FAMILY IS?  I did not know how to reach anyone at the DEYO cemetery to speak with, that may be able to help me. Although I have forwarded an Email. This may seem strange, but I found a  large box going through my grandmothers attick after she just recently passed. She was a huge antique collector and I did not realize what I was in for going up there. The Box was way back in the corner and it was full of nothing but  R all the old DeYo family belongings in it from the turn of the the century, early 1800 to early 1900's. All thier reciepts, tax records, personal letters Daily journal's etc. and mostly many many post cards(about 50) post marked dated turn of he century, from many friends and family from all over the US. The things I have read about... their harships on the farm, to deaths and details of their life back then. I also have a beautiful detailed scrap book, that Mrs. Charles M Ford made in the late 1800's  and was related to the DeYo family (I believe she was married into the DeYo family) Most of the things I have are from a Charles M. Ford aka Chas Ford, Irvin DeYo, Helen DeYo, Donna Vickens. Their all connected some how. It's all such a beautiful piece of history and I was so intriged and amazed of everything I had of this Family! I had no idea who they were until I looked up DeYo cemetery on line, which I have where Helen DeYo was burried in 1940, born in 1847. I have a listing of her children and relatives as well. I feel bad having all this as I feel their "now" relatives shuld have it. So not sure if any one can help me or not, as to where any of the DeYo or Ford family(that is connected to the DeYo's) may be now so they can have this great treasure of family history! I wuld love to have found this for my family! And if it the tables were turned, I'd hope they'd do the same for me. Although I have an idea, I donot know exactly how my grand mother came into it. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. Please comment back or email and let me know if you have any info you can give me that can help me locate them! Sincerely, Carie

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Dorene from Ohio said...

Visit this site at Linkpendium for more links to information about the Deyo family. The mailing list section would help you find others in this family. Good luck!

Mrsvides said...

Thanks Dorene, I sure will. Any information is usefull.