Thursday, March 26, 2009

Selah H.F. and Hannah Loveland House

Selah H.F. House and his wife, the former Hannah Loveland, are buried in Perkins Cemetery in Erie County, Ohio. According to the GENEALOGY OF THE LOVELAND FAMILY FROM IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FROM 1635 TO 1894, Selah Freeman Truman Henry House was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut on February 15, 1808, to Mr. and Mrs. Lazarus House. He signed his name Selah H. F. House. Hannah Mary Loveland was born to Francis and Hannah Stevens Loveland in Glastonbury, Connecticut on March 18, 1804.

We read in the book HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, OHIO, ed. by Lewis Cass Aldrich, that at the age of 12, Selah drove a yoke of oxen from his home in Connecticut, coming to Ohio with his father.Selah and Hannah House lived on a farm in Perkins Township, along with several other families from Connecticut. They had a large family, as recorded in the GENEALOGY OF THE LOVELAND FAMILY, mentioned earlier:

An infant who died young
Emily House, born 1830
Harriet House, born 1831
George Lewis House, born 1834
Ira Francis House, born 1836
Alfred W. House, born 1839
Henry Harrison House, born 1841
Charles Loveland House, born 1848
Freeman Truman House, born 1849

Selah H. F. House died in Perkins Township on November 5, 1878. Hannah Loveland House died on February 15, 1876. They are buried amidst many family and friends who made the pioneer trip from Connecticut to Ohio long ago.

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