Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Josiah Fowler

Josiah Fowler was born in Westfield, Massachusetts in 1800, to Medad and Lovisa Fowler. (See HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, edited by Lewis Cass Aldrich, for a biography of Josiah Fowler.) Josiah Fowler settled in Margaretta Township of what is now Erie County in 1830, after his father and brother had also come to Ohio. He married Sophronia Stocking in 1833. Mr. Fowler was known to be an abolitionist, and was well respected by his neighbors and friends.

In 1881, Josiah Fowler wrote a book entitled AN ANALYSIS OF TEXTS OF SCRIPTURE, THE BETTER TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUE FACT, OR SPIRITUAL MEANING, THAT THE REVELATOR INTENDED TO CONVEY TO THE READER BY MEANS ON THE LETTER, which was Josiah's interpretations of certain passages from the Bible.

Besides being a man of deep faith, as well as being against slavery, it appears that Josiah Fowler was also a man who believed strongly in temperance. An article which appeared in the November 9, 1918 article of the "Sandusky Star" stated that on April 4, 1845, at a meeting at the Castalia Congregational Church, Josiah Fowler introduced this resolution:"This church regards the selling and using of intoxicating liquor as a beverage at the present day, as indicative of a doubtful Christian character, and as injurious to the peace and purity of churches and expects those who unite with them will renounce such practice."

In 1891, at the age of 91, Josiah Fowler died. His tombstone, which difficult to read now, is located at the Castalia Cemetery. In the November 24, 1892 issue of the "Sandusky Register," it was reported that relatives of Josiah Fowler had erected a handsome monument to his memory.

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